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FAQ Abortion

Is abortion legal?

Yes, Abortion is legal in the state of Georgia up to 21 weeks and 6 days in an outpatient surgical facility. Abortions may be provided up to 14 weeks in a private setting. ACWC provides abortion care through 14 weeks since we are a private physician's office.

Is abortion painful?

If you receive anesthesia during the procedure, you will not feel pain. Some women experience "period-like" cramping after the abortion procedure is complete. Women who choose to stay awake will experience cramping that is usually managed with over-the-counter pain medication. Prescriptions will be provided in the clinic for pain medications to take at home.

Is abortion expensive?

ACWC is committed to providing low-cost services. Please call our clinic for detailed pricing. You may also qualify for assistance from one or more of our funding partners.

Can I conceive again after an abortion?

Yes! Once the pregnancy hormone decreases, your body resumes its ability to ovulate (produce an egg) and become pregnant. ACWC will work with you at your first visit to discuss birth control options that work for you.

What do I do before surgery?

Our phone counselor will discuss instructions to prepare for your visit at the time that you make your appointment. Avoid eating or drinking after midnight if you plan to go to sleep for a surgical procedure or if you have not decided which method you will choose. You should not eat or drink anything by mouth including, gum, mints, ice, and water. Failure to follow these instructions could result in having your procedure reschedule, or to have the procedure without anesthesia.

How does an abortion cost?

Abortion Costs & Fees