Medical Abortion
Our medical abortion program is one of the most affordable in the Metro Atlanta Area.

How much does an abortion cost?

The cost of an abortion can range. The cost of abortion depends on a few different things about you and your situation. ACWC offers the Lowest Cost Medical Abortion in Atlanta.  Here are some of the things that can affect how much your abortion will cost:When Considering Abortion Pill Prices

  • Your health insurance company may provide financial assistance for the cost of your abortion. Call your insurance provider directly to find out about your coverage.

  • We offer a discount for any patient who is a Medicaid recipient. If you don’t have insurance and you have Medicaid we can let you know about any discounts that can help you afford the out-of-pocket cost of the abortion.

  • Your geographical location. The cost of an abortion, just like the cost of medical care in general, can be different depending on where you live.

  • If you are a full-time student or a member of the military will help lower your cost of an abortion.

  • Depending on the type abortion you get. The abortion pill may have a different cost than a surgical abortion.

ACWC provides the lowest cost medical abortion in Atlanta. Depending how far along your pregnancy is the more your abortion may cost. Call now for immediate pricing (770) 212-9660 or Schedule An Online Appointment

Abortion cost primarily centers on the subsequent factors:

  • Duration of pregnancy
  • Insurance, Medicaid or other funding
  • Where you live

During some time of the first trimester, women can select between a medical abortion (the abortion pill) and a surgical abortion. In Georgia, women can take the abortion pill until they are, at most, ten weeks pregnant. Some states prohibit its use after seven weeks. A medical abortion essentially consists of a physical exam, two single pills, Mifepristone and Misoprostol, and a follow-up appointment.

The procedure takes anywhere from a few hours to a few days, contingent on how far apart the pills are taken and how long the body takes to abort after the second pill. Patients required to agree to have a surgical abortion when medical abortions don’t work, which occurs less than one percent of the time.

After ten weeks, surgical abortion is usually the only option. During the first 14 weeks of pregnancy, women get what’s called an aspiration abortion.

Other Abortion Services Information

Please don't bring youngsters with you to the clinic.

During your visit, you'll be the following:

  • pregnancy test
  • a chance to talk with a trained counselor person regarding all of your choices: abortion, adoption, and parenting
  • a conversation with the health care supplier regarding your health history
  • lab tests/blood work
  • a pelvic exam
  • an ultrasound
  • medications to make the abortion more comfortable
  • medication if you are Rh negative
  • antibiotics or other medications
  • birth control information
  • a birth control method

No matter what your situation is, ACWC will help provide the best possible care to you. ACWC is a Member of the National Abortion Federation and we are NAF Certified for assisting patients with the cost of the abortion. Call now for immediate pricing (770) 212-9660 or Schedule An Online Appointment