Early Prenatal Care/Referral

Here at ACWC, we realize there are multiple options to manage a pregnancy. As a facility that supports all choices, we offer early prenatal care and obstetrical referrals for patient’s planning to carry their pregnancy to term.

During the first trimester, our physician will provide our patients with all the pertinent information and the proper care necessary to maintain a healthy pregnancy.

If the patient chooses ACWC for her prenatal needs, we will be able to provide the patient with obstetrical and gynecological care. This care which includes ultrasounds, lab work, medication prescriptions and nutritional counseling. We are equally invested in providing quality care to anyone who chooses to continue their pregnancies. As a medical practice, we can provide referrals as needed.

In accordance with Georgia’s Women’s Right to Know Act (WRTK), ACWC informs all callers that abortion is not the only option for those who find that carrying a pregnancy to term can be potentially burdensome. The state of Georgia offers a multitude of programs that can assist women in the following: Prenatal care, pediatric care for newborns, adoption, and nutritional assistance such as WIC.