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Pills/Patch/Ring Prescriptions

ACWC offers prescriptions for the pills, patch or ring.

The pills are for daily use and must be taken at or around the same time every day. The pills can contain progestin and estrogen, or there are progestin only pills. The pill has 91% effectiveness in preventing unwanted pregnancy.

The patch is placed directly on the skin and should be replaced weekly for three weeks each month. The patch is not used on the fourth week to allow the body to menstruate The patch transmits hormones transdermally (through the skin), and has a 91% success rate.

The ring is a plastic ring that contains hormones to be absorbed vaginally. The ring is placed into the vagina weekly for three weeks each month. The ring is not used on the fourth week to allow the body to menstruate. With proper use, the ring has a 98% success rate.

The pill, patch, and ring are administered orally, transdermally and vaginally, respectively. It is important to take the contraceptives as instructed for optimum effectiveness. All three work by: stopping ovulation, thickening cervical mucus which impedes the sperm’s motility rendering it incapable of reaching an egg, should ovulation occur, and alter the uterine lining which makes implantation of a fertilized egg difficult.