Pap Smear Atlanta 

ACWC offers annual pap smears. Pap smears are necessary to screen women for abnormal cells that could potentially cause cervical cancer. We recommend pap smears yearly, or with new sexual partners. Pap smears are performed when the physician inserts a speculum, and swabs the cervix with a tool that collects cervical tissue. The physician also takes this time to visually inspect the cervix and vaginal canal and checks the patient’s uterus for tilting. We will send the cervical swab to a lab to test for cervical abnormalities, and Gonorrhea and Chlamydia with the patient’s consent.

Pap smears are recommended for women ages 21 and up or earlier if the patient is sexually active. Pap smears are also recommended if the patient is displaying symptoms such as: painful periods or abnormal vaginal secretions.

We will reach out to the patient if we should find abnormalities that will require a follow- up visit or additional treatment. Pap smears are also an ideal time to discuss birth control options with our physician.Shedule an pap smear appointment today.