Breast/ Mammogram Referrals

Mammograms are necessary for breast cancer screenings for women ages 40 and up, or earlier for those with a history of breast cancer. Mammograms are ideal because they can detect cancerous masses, sometimes years before they become palpable. Breast exams are usually conducted during a pap smear. Should there be abnormalities in the breast tissue during the pap smear, we will refer the patient to mammography specialists for further screening. We will also offer referrals to patients who are interested in starting annual screenings.

A mammogram is performed by placing the breast in between two flat surfaces which allows for the breast tissue to be spread and easily penetrated by an x-ray beam. The process may involve pressure but is not painful. The x-ray will then check the breast tissue for any masses that could be potentially dangerous. Your x-rays will be sent to a radiologist, and your physician will call you with any results.